Business owners are constantly confronted with situations that require lawyer services. The day-to-day basic needs of a business fall into business law. Fully understanding what a business lawyer does and why their lawyer services may be needed is best described as a visit to a general practitioner.

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When an issue arises in business, a business lawyer will typically be capable of handling the basics. For instance, a contractor is having issues with an employee. What legal action steps the contractor needs to take will be handled through lawyer services provided in business law.

However, if that same contractor has questions about taxes, the business lawyer will refer him to specialists in that field, such as a certified public accountant. Business lawyers handle 80% of situations, and about 20% are sent out to specialists. Business law essentially encompasses every aspect that surrounds operating a business. There are legal steps that have to be taken for the company to remain reputable and free from being faced with legal action. Conflict with employees or customers, working with independent contractors versus contracted employees, unpaid invoices, trademarking a business, choosing between LLC or a corporation.


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